Wednesday, July 27, 2011


One of the best things about summer entertaining is that you can just throw a bunch of great ingredients and foods together and call it a meal. I suppose you could do that year-round but to me, it always feels natural for laid back summertime get-togethers. With that in mind, here are links for no-cook, no-fuss recipes.

Sugar snap salad [via Lottie + Doof]
20 summer sandwiches [via Saveur]
Peach slush [via Eat Make Read]
Easy no-cook recipes [via iVillage]
Even more no-cook recipes [via Food52]

And from the Dinner Party archives:
Pineapple salsa

Tomato mango salsa Salami-wrapped Mean Beans
Tuna-stuffed peppers
Kitchen sink summer salad
Summer melon with cucumber, basil, and feta
A heat-free dinner menu (and salmon salad)
Framboise ice cream floats


Anonymous said...

The cheeses look so great in the photo--which ones did you serve?

Tender Branson said...

Love the summer sandwich link. Thanks for posting it.

Lisa said...

Anony: Someone else brought the cheese! I just made the prosciutto-wrapped peaches.

Tender Branson: You're welcome :)

Daniel said...

And each cheese had its own knife! Now that's what I call hosting!

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