Monday, January 28, 2013

this and that

So far, this has been a dinner party-less January, but I've still been doing a lot of cooking for myself and Dan. And Mabel when things fall on the floor. Here is a look at what's been in heavy rotation.

At the risk of sounding...I don't know, like a recent visitor from the 1980s, I am on a big-time stir-fry kick. I like dinners that can be made in one pan, that include all of the things that form a complete meal: starch, protein, vegetables. I have tried one with greens, chicken and peanuts, one with chicken and cashews (adding bell peppers and bok choy), and a very-tinkered-with variation of this one, with ground turkey and have enjoyed them all but feel like I haven't cracked the stir-fry code. I haven't yet found one that I want to make again and again. Any suggestions?

Monday, January 7, 2013

instant fancy

I wish you could stand in my apartment and inhale with me. It smells so good. And I'm not even cooking anything! Well, cooking anything edible.

I'm not a DIY kinda girl, but I recently pinned a recipe for a three-ingredient room fragrance that Williams-Sonoma supposedly uses in its store to entice people to buy, I don't know, stand mixers. I couldn't remember what Williams-Sonoma actually smells like (Peppermint bark? Apple cider? Overpriced small appliances?) but the ingredients: a handful of rosemary, one sliced-up lemon and vanilla extract sounded like a delicious combination. I might not be able to upholster my own headboard, but I can handle dumping three things into a pot with a few cups of water and turning on the heat.

And now, as these magic ingredients bubble away on my stovetop, I am hooked.


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