Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Now that we're in the height of summer produce season you might want to hoard some of the ripe, juicy goodness to savor during the cold, miserable winter. If so, here are some summery canning projects to inspire you. (And if you lack the proper tools for canning, come back tomorrow for a special giveaway!)

Blueberry ginger jam
[Food in Jars]
Two takes on sour cherry preserves [Tigress in a Jam]
Strawberry conserve
[Eat Make Read]
And tips on making homemade jam [iVillage]


Garlic scape harissa [Tigress in a Jam]
Beet pickles [Food52]
Pickle recipes galore! [via Saveur]

From the Dinner Party archives:
Peach jam
Spicy dill pickles
Spicy pepper jelly

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