Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hors d'oeuvres math

Question: Sally has to bring a dish to a New Year's Eve party at 7:00 PM but she only has $12 to spend. It is 6:00 PM. The supermarket is a five minute walk away. The party is a twenty minute drive away. What can she make and still get to the party on time?

A (spicy sausage):

Plus B (Rick's Picks pickled green beans):
Equals C (instant appetizer):

You get an A plus! Happy New Year!


Daniel said...

Lisa, do you know if Rick's Picks are available outside of Brooklyn? Any other artisan pickle recommendations?

Lisa said...

Hello, Daniel.

I think Ricks Picks are available nationwide through Whole Foods and specialty stores. You can also order them online through their Web site.

I like Wheelhouse Pickles, also based in Brooklyn, apparently the artisanal pickle capital of the U.S.:


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