Friday, November 19, 2010

link-o-rama, turkey day edition

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and unlike last year, I haven't even started planning. Crazy, right? Maybe my slacking is due to the fact that it's probably just going to be me and Dan this year and I'm starting to rethink the idea of turkey for two. If you're like me, here are some Thanksgiving-themed links to help get you back on track. Or, if you're Sally Organized, maybe these ideas will help you finalize your game plan.

Chef's tips for a Thanksgiving meal (have lots of chicken stock on hand, cut up your bird before cooking it(?), choose your battles) [via NYT]

Worried about getting everything done on time? Here's how to create a Thanksgiving day timeline (plus a handy download!) [via Good Food Stories]

Bargain wines for Thanksgiving [via Food & Wine]

A Thanksgiving turkey slideshow plus recipes [via Bon Appetit]

And Bon Appetit's "ultimate Thanksgiving guide" with recipes for gravy, sides, desserts, and more [via Bon Appetit]

10 fast side dishes (braised greens with tomatoes, oven-roasted cauliflower) [via Food & Wine]

Marilyn Monroe's recipe for stuffing
. Really! [via NYT]

And my Thanksgiving menu from last year:
Cranberry-lime sparklers
Foie gras with cornichon, homemade mustard, and crackers
Turkey and gravy
Mushroom-herb stuffins
Mashed sweet potatoes
Roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and lemon

Cranberry relish
Chai tea
Pumpkin mousse parfaits

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