Friday, September 18, 2009


Tomato season is almost over and I am looking for any excuse to buy and eat them. I've been slicing them into salads with watermelon and feta, roasting them for pasta sauces, layering them on pizzas.

One of my friends who shall remain nameless (Oh, okay. His name is Colin. Colin P. Delaney. He lives in Greenpoint.) says he's been eating a whole tomato with olive oil, salt, and pepper for breakfast in the morning. Even as a fellow tomato-lover this strikes me as being a little insane. But who am I to judge?

Here are some tomato-centric links to inspire Colin and the rest of us:

The "best" BLT (with tomatoes, burrata, and crispy pancetta) [via Bon Appetit's Project Recipe]

A simple salad with fresh corn and basil [via Lottie & Doof]

Creamy heirloom tomato soup (with grilled cheese...mmm) [via Bella Eats]

Smitten Kitchen uses tomatoes in a cornbread salad, a clever twist on panzanella. [via Smitten Kitchen]

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on Green Zebra tomatoes, an heirloom variety, here's a recipe for a Green Zebra gazpacho (I'm sure it would work well with unripe red tomatoes or regular beefsteaks, too.) [via Food & Wine]


blueeyedfreckle said...

okay. i was just browsing over at design sponge and saw the name LISA CERICOLA. I have only known one person in my life with that name and she was cute, bubbly, super smart, a great writer, and sat next to me in English in High School. I am thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog and you! hOw fabulous that you are a mag editor in Brooklyn! my sister lives in williamsburg! how the heck are you?

katie (rosebrough) kortman
and you can see my blog by clicking on my name:)

Lisa said...

KATIE!! Sending you an email now...

Daniel said...

Colin, aren't you going to show your face and defend your freakish breakfast tomato perversion?

Ulla said...



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