Friday, September 25, 2009

water, water everywhere

File this tip under "obvious yet important": when you're throwing a dinner party, don't forget to put out water.

It's easy to get caught up in the cocktails, or wine, or beer, or whatever special drinks you're serving. At our house, people usually get started on their first drink before they even sit down. But making sure there is water on hand--even if people don't want to drink it right away--is really important. Otherwise, no one will get hydrated, they'll just get crocked. And you don't want a bunch of overserved friends on your hands. Trust me.

Instead of having to keep an eye on everyone's water glass like a waitress, I just put a pitcher or carafe of water and some glasses out where everyone can see them. I like using a glass lemonade bottle, which I washed to remove the paper label. It can be resealed and adds a certain charm to the table, even though it's just an old bottle, otherwise destined for the recycling bin. (This bottle also works really well for transporting drinks to other people's parties or for picnics.)

Totally a no-brainer but something I often forget myself!


Colin P. Delaney said...

I can't help but think that your remark about "overserved friends" is directed entirely at me.

Color Me Green said...

this is a good me something to do with all the extra gasket top bottles i have (from an abandoned kombucha project)

Lisa said...

Colin: Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe I am referring to Daniel? Or E. Tyler? Or myself?

Julia: Thanks! Yes, put those bottle tops to good use!

E. Tyler Lindvall said...

How did I get into this? Oh, that's right...lamp shade on head, shower curtain ripped down, and downstairs neighbors coming up to complain about the noise and all the sudden you think I'm ready for a little water.

Good times.

Lisa said...

Good times, indeed. Especially that time you gave me a glass of vodka and told me it was water.

E. Tyler Lindvall said...

Now that is a true story. Again, I am sorry.

E. Tyler Lindvall said...

Now that is a true story. Again, I am sorry.

Daniel said...

Abandoned Kombucha Project is a great name for a college jam band.

Give those bottles an extra rinse!

Ulla said...

elegant and smart!


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