Monday, June 1, 2009

dinner party on shelterrific

I've got a post up on Shelterrific on a super fast appetizer: lemon-oregano shrimp. And this isn't one of those empty Fast! Easy! Quick! Cheap! magazine cover promises—this recipe really, truly takes no time to make. It's the ideal thing to whip up as people are just sitting down for drinks, or, if you're not feeling that hungry it can serve as a lovely, light summer supper with some salad and bread on the side. Sold yet? Go check it out.


Daniel said...

I don't know if I'm sold yet. Maybe if your post had more exclamation points, I would realize just how exciting this dish is!

Ulla said...

I love shrimp like that with crusty bread you have me sold! I do mine with insane amounts of garlic, olive oil and lots of lemon, and then you dip the bread into the sauce. YUMMY!:)


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