Thursday, May 28, 2009

things consumed in new orleans

In alphabetical order:

Abita beer, two pints
Advil, one pill
Barbecue lobster, one tail
Barbecue pork sandwich, one, with coleslaw
Beignet, one

Biscuit, one, with strawberry jam
Blueberry cobbler, one, with ice cream
Cafe au lait, one, iced
Crawfish, four, boiled
Foie gras, with pepper jelly

Gin cocktail, one, by the esteemed Chris McMillian
King cake, one sample slice
Lima bean puree, with cornbread
Lucky dog, one, with mustard and ketchup
Oysters, half a dozen, fire-roasted
Oysters, half a dozen, raw

Omelet, one, with parmesan and salad
"Perfect" oatmeal, one, at Starbucks
Profiteroles, three, with espresso ice cream and salted caramel
Rabbit livers, fried, served with pepper jelly
Salad L√ľke
Salami pizette
Sancerre, half a bottle

Shrimp, half a dozen, grilled, with chow chow
Satsuma sorbet, three mini scoops, with cat's tongue cookies
Sazerac, one, unfinished
Strawberry milkshake, one, with breakfast
Zucchini salad, shaved with goat cheese, mint, and pecans

Lest you think Dan and I (okay, me) are total gluttons, we managed to do a few things in New Orleans other than stuff our faces. Like walk around the Garden District, peruse vintage cookbooks at Kitchen Witch, tour the place where Mardi Gras floats get made, watch LeBron hit "the shot" during the playoffs from a fluffy hotel bed, and read by the pool. I'm happy to have seen this great old city once again, with its romantic balconies, and towering magnolia trees, and drunk, sunburned tourists downing dacquiris in the street. But most of all, to enjoy its cocktails and oysters and endless delicious fried things. New Orleans is by far one of the best food cities you can visit—on that note, run, don't walk to Cochon and Cochon Butcher in the Warehouse District. Both restaurants were simply incredible.

And now I am off to eat a salad.


Ulla said...

BBQ lobster? I love the idea! Was it good?

Paulita said...


and Lisa you better be rooting for the Magic...just sayin...

Lisa said...

Ulla: It actually didn't have much BBQ flavor. It really tasted of thyme, which was in the sauce that came with the lobster.

MP: Ha! Actually, I feel very torn because I really want a Lakers/Cavs finals but I also feel some hometown pride for the Magic. And how cute is Dwight Howard?

Daniel said...

To Lisa's list, I can add the following:

1 blueberry scone from Starbucks (blech)

1 duck pastrami sandwich with bechamel from Cochon Butcher

1 muffaletta from Cochon Butcher

1 boudin skillet and eggs from Cochon Butcher

(Guess what our favorite place in New Orleans was?)

1 Unisom

P.S. Forget about Dwight Howard. It's all about Hedo Turkoglu, the Michael Jordan of Turkey. Let's hear it for America's nightmare: an Orlando-Denver finals!

Lisa said...

Dan: You just can't let that awful scone go, can you?

MJT is my new favorite basketball nickname by far.

Unknown said...

Imagine if you ate all of that in one sitting!

Lisa said...

I probably would have died of deliciousness.


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