Friday, May 1, 2009


Happy Friday! Happy May! Spring (and pollen counts) has finally exploded--so what will we eat? Here are a few seasonally-minded links for inspiration:

Epicurious has a neat interactive map showing you what produce is in season by state. [via Epicurious]

The Kitchn has 10 ideas for cooking with asparagus [via the Kitchn]

Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for pasta with fava beans, tomatoes, and sausage. The photos alone are mouthwatering. [via Smitten Kitchen]

And for dessert, Evil Chef Mom, who's been on an ice cream kick lately, has a recipe for a beautiful strawberry-sour cream-brown sugar ice cream. [via ECM]

Not sure what I will be making this weekend. My only plan is to lounge in the park with Dan and this little guy, whom we're dog-sitting. Isn't he the cutest?


Megan and Butch! said...

Is that a King Charles spaniel? Adorable! My dog lust (sort of like baby lust, but for people who can't afford babies) just kicked into high gear!

Lisa said...

Yes, he's a KC. Actually, that's his name.

I am totally with you on the dog lust. I am so goo-goo over this dog it's crazy. Babies, what?

Daniel said...

Megan, can a dog travel on your shoulder and fly from shelf to shelf? I think not.

On the other hand, that dignified, so contemplative.

Maris said...

OMG he's the cutest. I would skip town and never give him back.

Well, not really but he IS THAT CUTE!

Lisa said...

Maris, I am ashamed to say I have considered this. But his owners are very nice and would probably miss him very much. Almost as much as I miss him when he is gone. (Kidding, owners!)


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