Monday, June 8, 2009


Hello! This week's links (and posts) are devoted to summer desserts:

Smitten Kitchen's lemon granita is almost too cute for words [via Smitten Kitchen]

David Lebovitz makes a luscious-looking panna cotta [via David Lebovitz]

Floating islands (meringue puffs) with lemon-scented custard sauce and raspberries [via BA]

Strawberries are starting to pop up at the markets again. Other than eating them straight out of the pint (my favorite way), here are three creative ways to use them:

Fresh strawberries with almond crème anglaise [via the NYT]

Rhubarb and strawberry compote with aged balsamic and ricotta [via D*S]

A retro Strawberry Delight from the always-delightful Homesick Texan [via Homesick Texan]

And one unrelated link: I am included in this month's Monthly Mouthful, a monthly poll of food bloggers on the Chew on That blog. This month's topic is "what seasonal summer ingredients are you looking forward to cooking with most?" Click here to find out what I'm excited about.


Daniel said...

To me, floating islands are only a few steps removed from baked Alaska. We are inching closer to my dream meal!

Lisa said...

Ha! Now to tackle the lobster thermador...

Anonymous said...

so many mangoes, and not enough time! This one is next.

Lisa said...

Bourbon and mangoes! That's a recipe that's tailor-made for you, Mom!


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