Friday, May 15, 2009


The weather's starting to warm up and everyone is coming out of hibernation—at least in our neck of the woods. So here are a few links in honor of pot lucks and picnics and cookouts and those fleeting, lovely days between spring and summer.

Bon Appetit's great June issue has lots of things I'm excited to try, including a Caesar potato salad with snap peas. [via BA]

The "ultimate burger" from Gourmet. I have to admit, it does look pretty awesome. [via Gourmet]

Smitten Kitchen has two ideas that would be great for a potluck: broccoli slaw and rhubarb cobbler. [via Smitten Kitchen]

Via the Kitchn, fudgy-looking marscapone brownies that can be made in one bowl. [via the Kitchn]

Again with the superlatives, here's the "perfect" margarita from Chow. As you'll see in the lengthy comments section, the definition of perfect really depends on who's doing the drinking. Yikes. [via Chow]


Megan and Butch! said...

Oh my god, those brownies look amazing. And you know, there's so little flour in them that I bet you could substitute something gluten-free, like oat flour or almond flour, for it.

Laura said...

I am totally obsessed with that brocolli slaw on Smitten Kitchen. Obsessed I tell you!

Lisa said...

Megan: I am actually back on the gluten wagon at the moment (long story), so these brownies are tempting me...

Laura: Have you tried it? It looks really good--not sure about the cranberries, though.

Daniel said...

The "perfect" margarita has nothing on the lazy margarita. I don't drink, but I always side with recipe that requires less effort.


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