Friday, April 17, 2009


In honor of tax week, here's a round-up of budget-minded links. Even if the IRS didn't help itself to the contents of your wallet (and couch cushions, and coin purse, etc.) this year, it always feels good to save a little money.

Consumer Reports (via Serious Eats) has tips on saving money at the supermarket. And there's even more good ideas in the comments section: shop at ethnic markets, eat less meat, use bulk bins for grains and other pantry staples, stock up on basics when they are on sale. All good things to be reminded of. [via SE]

Box wines: yea or nea? Southern Living food editor Donna Florio (also my former roommate!) found a few inexpensive brands worth drinking. [via Eating My Words]

Cheap eats:
Wednesday Chef tries Mark Bittman's egg noodles with soy broth [via Wednesday Chef]

The always-lovely Pink of Perfection reminds us that date night can be spent dining in at home, and be just as fun. [via POP]

Smitten Kitchen makes a luscious-looking potato gratin that would be great served up with a simple salad, I bet [via Smitten Kitchen]

And over at Pithy & Cleaver's month-long grilled cheese extravaganza, there's enough options to make your head spin. I don't know how those girls are eating all of those sandwiches! [via P&C]


Daniel said...

A nice box wine would solve my cork removal problems.

Lisa said...

But I can't drink an entire box of wine by myself! Also, we need lots of shelf space for all of your coffee yogurts.


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