Friday, April 24, 2009

a delicious no-brainer

Pint of ice cream + bag of cookies = instant dessert

This is a really no-brainer idea, but it is a lifesaver when you're having company over and don't want to fuss or bake (well, I suppose you could bake the cookies) but would still like the illusion of serving something not straight off the bakery shelf. Although that's okay in my book as well.

On that note, happy weekend. Keep things simple and go enjoy the cherry blossoms.


Daniel said...

Does anybody have any suggestions for cookie/ice cream combos, beyond the standard chocolate chip & vanilla?

Anonymous said...

Coffee ice cream between a couple of chocolate chip cookies is delicious. You heard it here.

Lisa said...

Ginger snaps and strawberry ice cream too. Or anything with mint chocolate chip. Yum!


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