Thursday, April 9, 2009

link-o-rama (and a geronimo update)

I typically celebrate Easter with a sleeve of Peeps, but I realize many of you might be cooking. So here are some ideas:

A beautiful Greek-style leg of lamb from Golidilocks Finds Manhattan [via GFM]

Mini egg tarts for an Easter brunch from Hostess With the Mostess [via HWM]

Steamed artichokes would make a lovely (seasonal) Easter starter. [via NYT]

More Easter menus and ideas. [via Epicurious]

And on a completely unrelated note, many of you have inquired about Geronimo since my original post, wondering if he is still alive, or whether he still likes eating pecans or has moved on to walnuts. I just might have to start the Geronimo Fan Club. Anyway, for those of you who are interested, I am happy to report our little furry friend is all grown up, even learning how to fly. Go, Geronimo, go! [photo via Megan & Butch]


Daniel said...

I like the phrase, "sleeve of Peeps."

Good band name.

Janice said...

I love the picture of Geronimo. He looks so cute, but I can't imagine having a flying squirrel in my house. I have enough trouble with a dog under my feet.

Donna Florio said...

HI, LIsa. Maybe you should upgrade to s'meeps! They're basically s'mores made with peeps rather than plain marshmallows. The recipe is hilarious. Donna easter-candy.html -

Donna Florio said...

P.S. Your blog is always entertaining (no pun intended) and it makes me want to cook. Good job.

Megan and Butch! said...

Janice, Geronimo is really very little trouble. He requires a change of food and water once a day and his cage cleaned once a week; he also enjoys the occasional strawberry. Other than that, he pretty much just hangs out in my pocket or on the bookshelf and glides around when he wants to. Probably the most low maintenance pet I've ever had.

Lisa said...

Janice: Yes, I'd choose a dog over a flying squirrel any day. But Geronimo is pretty cute in person.

Donna F: Your post made my day! So good to hear from you. I must investigate these S'meeps...

Megan: Just please don't get a parrot. One exotic pet is enough.

Ulla said...

THanks for the link love:)
I love your blog, btw!:)
And I am jealous of your flying squirrel! I love that picture!


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