Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Happy We-Have-A-New-President Week!

I'm sure, like me, you're all wondering: what did Obama eat post-inauguration? A three course Lincoln-themed lunch of seafood stew, "a brace of American birds," pheasant and duck served with sour cherry chutney and molasses sweet potatoes, and apple-cinnamon sponge cake with sweet cream glacé for dessert. Served with American wines, of course. The recipes can be found here.

If whipping up a brace of birds is too much for a weeknight, why not mix yourself a Baracktail? The drink, from Serious Eats, is a blend of hibiscus syrup, gin, lime, and lots of mint (for a clean start, of course). [via Serious Eats]

Bon Ap has an Inauguration Day dinner that would be perfectly fine any old day, in my book. [via Bon Appetit]

This fascinating story from the LA Times includes mentions of other inauguration menus including James Buchanan's bacchanalian feast of 400 gallons of oysters, 60 saddles of mutton, and eight rounds of beef, James Garfield's 15,000 assorted cakes, James Madison's midnight supper, which is said to have been the debut of ice cream, and Eisenhower's "minority dinner," which included Greek salad, minestrone, and gefilte fish. For serious?? [via the LA Times]


Daniel said...

You know what makes a great side for a brace of American birds? Lincoln berries!

If Buchanan had 60 saddles of mutton can you imagine what W.H. Taft must've put away!

Anonymous said...

time out. flying squirrel. these are legal pets? whoa!

Lisa said...

Hi Gansie! uhh...not exactly. this is why they are fostering. which is totally kosher, I'm sure(??).


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