Friday, January 30, 2009

link-o-rama (super bowl edition)

So: Super Bowl Sunday. Anyone out there doing something this year?

I have to admit I'm not really a fan of the Super Bowl. I don't like football or wings, and sadly, I can't drink beer anymore. Give me the NBA playoffs and a margarita, and I'm totally happy. But football? Meh. You can also keep all those lame million-dollar-a-second commercials and the overhyped halftime show. Although I have to admit Prince was pretty badass a few years ago. Remember that crazy phallic guitar? You can bet money the Boss won't be trotting one of those things out.

Anyway. I could kind of care less about the game, but of course I'm still going to a Super Bowl party like everyone else in the U.S. It's a good excuse to see friends, eat something greasy, and watch all those lame million-dollar-a-second commercials.

If you're going to or throwing a Super Bowl party, it's important to eat something really good. (Especially if, like me, you don't know who's playing. Wait, wait: Pittsburgh and...Phoenix? No, wait: Arizona!) So here's some ideas:

Hot bacon blue cheese dip from Serious Eats [via Serious Eats]

A roundup of Super Bowl-worthy recipes from Bon Ap (lamb and chorizo chili, giant chocolate-toffee cookies, crunchy chili onion rings) [via BA]

And another roundup from Food Network that includes "record-smashing recipes" (ugh) like sliders and Caribbean chicken wings [via FN]

Or, you might want to compromise your friends' arteries and serve the Bacon Explosion that's making the blog rounds [via the NYT]

Some ideas from the Dinner Party archives:
Curried deviled eggs
Sausage rolls
Salami-wrapped Mean Beans
Parmesan-pepper popcorn
Bacon-wrapped parmesan-filled dates
Queso fundido

(Spoiler alert!) I'm making Sassy Radish's chocolate peanut butter crispy bars [via Sassy Radish]

What are you making?


Daniel said...

Ruhlman on the Bacon Explosion:

Apparently, it's an American version of a French forcemeat called a ballotine.

Also, Esquire has a bunch tasty-looking Super Bowl recipes from celeb chefs:

Daniel said...

Also, the most important food-related link of the day:

Studies show dolphins are talented chefs!

Megan and Butch! said...

Butch and I just had an in depth conversation about the bacon explosion. On the one hand -- oh my god, bacon! And sausage! On the other hand, it looks entirely lethal and also like quite a lot of work. Bacon was not meant to be formed into a lattice. That said, when I had you over for dinner I considered making you bacon-lattice muffin quiches (the lattice was the crust). But I thought they would just be a little too twee.

Lisa said...

Bacon was not meant to be formed into lattice. Wise words, Megan. Wise words.

Daniel said...

No one's going to comment on that dolphin story?

Come on, people! They make their own calamari!


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