Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm not big on New Year's resolutions but I do have a few food-focused goals in mind for 2009.

1. Eat more vegetables, preferably two or three vegetarian meals per week.
2. Work on my woeful gluten-free baking skills.
3. Keep blogging! (Speaking of which, who wants to come for dinner?)

Here's a few other forward-thinking links to possibly inspire you in the upcoming months:

Mark Bittman offers suggestions on how to better stock your pantry for the new year (to buy: sherry vinegar, tomato paste in a tube, real parmesan; to toss: dried parsley, canned beans, spray oil) [via the NYT]

If you want to be more eco-conscious, Bon Ap offers "50 Ways to Eat Green" (some tidbits: bison burgers, eco-friendly shopping bags, American cheese)

Want try a new wine beyond your usual red, white, or bubbly? Here's Food & Wine's best new wines for 2009 [via F&W]

Pack better lunches! (A constant challenge for me.) Here's 40 ideas from the LA Times [via LA Times]

And some veggie-friendly recipes:
David Lebovitz makes a delectible-looking spinach cake [via David Lebovitz]

A dinner party-worthy squash and chickpea Moroccan stew from Smitten Kitchen [via SK]

And a great appetizer idea from Pithy & Cleaver: zucchini rolls with garlic ricotta [via Pithy & Cleaver]

Do you have any food resolutions this year?


Maggie said...

Hi! Thanks for the link!
I agree with Bittman about tomato paste in a tube. I hate opening a can for just a tablespoon or two. I also keep anchovy paste in a tube (for adding to salad dressings) and harissa in a tube.

Daniel said...

We use the tomato paste in a tube, too. But on his blog, Michael Ruhlman (yes, I've been plugging him a lot lately) says paste in a can is cheaper and better quality. He suggests opening the can at both ends, slicing off what you need and then wrapping and freezing the rest. Too much effort? Maybe worth it in the current economic death spiral.

Megan and Butch! said...

I love Mark Bittman but he will have to pry my cans of Goya black beans from my cold, lifeless hands. I have soaked and picked over endless pans of beans in my life, and the Goya beans in a can still taste better and require no advance planning.
Ditto the tomato paste in a can. It tastes better and is cheaper than the stuff in the tube, and I've been freezing what I can't use immediately for years in tiny little Tupperware containers with no problems. I suppose if you want to get cute about it you can fill ice cube trays with tomato paste and then pop out the little tomato cubes and store them in a bag. In any case I'm sticking to my canned goods. You'll all see I'm right when judgment day comes and I've got all the nonperishable beans and tomato paste.

Lisa said...

Well, I like tomato paste in a tube. Although I fear that it will go bad because I take a long time to use it.

I agree with you, Megan. Love me some Goya beans.

Dana B said...

While they all look tasty, I'm kind of baffled by the lunch suggestions. If I wanted to spend to spend as much money, forethought, and energy on making lunch as I do making dinner, a lack of ideas wouldn't be the problem. It seems like even when you go out for lunch regularly, you end up eating roughly the same few things every day and thats fine. No one said every meal had to be party time (Of course my lunch is always party time because I usually spend it in the company of total geniuses who are the wittiest and best looking people I've ever met... ever).

Lisa said...

Hi Dana--that's so true, but I feel like for me, the issue is transport. I don't want to eat a soggy sandwich for lunch so I'm always trying to think of things that travel well and be pre-made. Which is kind of limiting.


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