Friday, September 26, 2008


Sick of reading about flowers? There will be more recipes to come next week, I promise. Until then, here's some food links to tide you over:

In a story that warms my heart, The New York Times reports that power outages from Hurricane Ike have forced many Houstonites to use up perishable, often expensive food, creating impromptu post-storm dinner parties. Sounds pretty fun, except for the destruction and lack of running water, and all that. Best quote: “It just killed me to think of all those silky sauces going down the drain,” Mr. Lamb said. Me too, Mr. Lamb! [via NYT]

The Kitchn has a useful "appetizer template" of jam + cheese + pork pairings. I like the combination of fig, proscuitto, and Manchego myself. [via the Kitchn]

A tasty-sounding weeknight dinner party menu (pesto-crusted lamb chops, potato-leek mini gratins) from Domino magazine [via Domino]

A bit late (and who watched the Emmys, anyway?) but here's cocktail and snack ideas for an Emmy Party, or any party. Just ignore the cutsey TV show tie-ins. [via Food & Wine]

Also, for those of you following the Mario Batali/PBS show, Spain...On the Road Again, I am blogging about it over at newly-launched food site

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