Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The Kitchn has a short article on the proper way to eat a cheese plate. Nothing too eye-opening here, except that you should only eat the bread as a palate cleanser, not with the cheese. Apparently, when you spread cheese on bread, it "breaks down the natural structure and integrity of the cheese." Huh. Is there anyone else out there who didn't know that, other than me? [via the Kitchn]

A gorgeous caramelized tomato tart from the oh-so-prolific Melissa Clark. A perfect way to use all of those end-of-summer tomatoes. [via the NYT]

10 fall recipes from Gourmet. Hello, mac and cheese souffle! [via Gourmet]

Did you know the Amateur Gourmet does not like cooking for large groups? Well, now you do.
[via the Amateur Gourmet]

Food freak: the Stramato [via Serious Eats]


Vanessa said...

Ooh. My Gourmet subscription just ran out. But I think I have to make that steak and the souffle. Holy jeez!

Vanessa said...

Also, wow. The people leaving comments on Serious Eats are annoying.

Daniel said...

Yeah, why does an innocent natural wonder like the strawmato have to be sullied in the muck of presidential politics?

Lisa said...

One comment I loved:

"Am I the only one who is thinking of Tomacco here?"

It tastes like grandma!


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