Thursday, September 25, 2008

fast flowers: creative containers

To me, containers are secondary to what's inside of them. If you arrange flowers, you probably have a favorite vase (mine is a gravy boat) but I think a bouquet can look gorgeous in just about any vessel.

Like condiment or mason jars:

Or drinking glasses. The colors of this plastic cup perfectly matched this bunch of gerbera daisies:

Or any other household vessel, like my favorite gravy boat:

My point is, cool containers help, but they don't need to be expensive to show off a naturally beautiful arrangement. Use tea cups, tin cans (put a container inside to prevent rusting), cookie jars, creamers, beer bottles. I actually like a little contrast. A beat-up vase filled with elegant flowers like roses looks interesting, and draws your eye in. Likewise, displaying a rustic-looking bunch of wildflowers in a sleek, modern vase. A contrast of styles can turn an ordinary handful of flowers into something surprising and memorable.


Daniel said...

I was wondering where that gravy boat went?

Is that why our flowers always smell so savory?

Anonymous said...

FESTIVE! I will no longer succumb to the tyranny of the vase!
Thank you Lisa, for freeing me!


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