Friday, February 12, 2010

link-o-rama, valentine's day edition

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. I don't put much stock in this holiday, but it never hurts to make a romantic meal or something chocolatey for someone you love. Or your best friend, or co-workers, or your Grandma, whatever. Showing affection is never a bad thing, especially if the sentiment is more handmade than Hallmark. I think the key is choosing something that is heartfelt without being cliched. If you're looking for food ideas, here are a few:

Sweets from the Dinner Party Archives:
Ambrosia macaroons
Best hot chocolate
Chewy amaretti sandwich cookies
Flourless chocolate cake with caramel sauce

Rice pudding with cherries
Straw-baby shortcakes
Strawberries with rose petal jam

Three-layer ice cream cake

And Dan's V-Day playlist. It might not get you laid, but it's an enjoyable listen.

Bon Appetit offers a Valentine's Day guide with stories including "17 Sexy Dishes," tips on cooking for two, and "Valentine's Day Do's and Don'ts" (ie: stick to what you know, watch out for bones in the fish) [via Bon Appetit]

And for pure menu inspiration, check out the Valentine's Day menu at Prune, one of my favorite Manhattan restaurants. Chef Gabrielle Hamilton's dishes are inspired by her personal memories of particular places and times, such as "West Yarmouth Mini-Golf Arcade, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 1988" (cold mussels with bread and butter, grilled lobster with anchovy butter, sweet onion gratin). Could a menu be any more sexy and mysterious?

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Daniel said...

If I was making that Valentine's playlist this year, I'd have to include "Let's Make Love (Underneath the Apple Tree)" by Private. Thanks, Vanessa!


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