Friday, February 5, 2010

link-o-rama, super bowl edition

So what is everyone making for the Super Bowl this weekend? Cocktail weenies? Hmm...maybe you should check out these links for inspiration:

From the Dinner Party archives:
Charred onion dip
Bacon-wrapped dates with parmesan

Queso fundido
Sausage rolls
Chili-lime peanuts

Main dishes:
Chili dogs
Ham and bean soup

Baked mac and cheese

Twice-baked potatoes


Peanut butter brownies

Chocolate pudding pie

Super Bowl menus, dips, snacks, and more from Bon Appetit [via Bon Appetit]

Epicurious's chili, wings, and sandwich ideas [via Epicurious]

Homemade chips and pretzels and cookie bars from Saveur [via Saveur]

File this under bizarre, yet (sort of?) useful: UFC fighters' favorite snacks. Mike Swick likes a "layered dip consisting of refried beans, guacamole, and cheese" which he eats with Wheat Thins. Frank Trigg suggests a Trigg-tini: "Take a martini glass, mash potatoes in the bottom, top with ground beef, cheese, a dab of sour cream and chives. It's an easy way to feed your guests and make them feel special at the same time." How thoughtful, Frank! I'm actually kind of obsessed with this article. [via UFC]


Unknown said...

Thanks for all the which ones to choose.

Daniel said...

Add gin, and the Trigg-tini could be Colin's new favorite cocktail.


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