Friday, August 28, 2009

what to bring to summer parties

Is it just me, or is summer flying by? Looking ahead to Labor Day and the coming weekend, here are some ideas from the Dinner Party archives on what to bring to a potluck/barbecue/picnic, a question I often find myself mulling over this time of year. Any of these recipes would be a welcome addition to a party. You might even get yourself asked back.

Lemon-mint slushies
The paloma
The red and the black

Charred onion dip and potato chips
Chile-lime peanuts
Pineapple salsa and tortilla or pita chips
Tuna-stuffed peppadew peppers
Salami-wrapped Mean Beans

Kitchen sink summer salad
Simple tomato salad
Summer melon with cucumber, basil, and feta
Mixed-up salad

Key lime pie
Coffee ice cream tart
Oatmeal-coconut raspberry bars
Peanut butter brownies
Strawbaby shortcake

And here's inspiration from a few other sources:

Fruity desserts with funny names (grunts, slumps, buckles, pandowdies) [via Gourmet]

Make-ahead picnic salads
(quinoa with sugar snap peas, green bean and tomato salad with tarragon dressing) [via Food & Wine]

Refreshing melon agua fresca [via Smitten Kitchen]

In other news, Dan and I are heading down to Richmond, Virginia for an outdoor wedding with barbecue and a bluegrass band. Fun, right? I'll return to posting sometime next week.

Until then,


Anonymous said...

need more recipes using quinoa,
please...after you return.

Daniel said...

Had some great food in Richmond (, but not a slump, grunt, or pandowdy to be found. Nuts.


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