Friday, August 21, 2009


Maybe it's all the Mad Men I've been watching, but I've been in a cocktail mood lately. Doesn't that show make you thirsty too? In honor of hot weather and the even hotter Jon Hamm (good lord), here are some summer drink ideas:

Just in time for season three, Bon Appetit has a Mad Men-inspired menu including Moscow mules, pepper martinis, grapefruit gimlets, and something called the "perfect turkey." [via BA]

Also from Bon Ap, light and fizzy cocktails to get you slightly buzzed [via BA]

A gorgeous raspberry caipirinha (and a traditional version) over at Whisk: A Food Blog. [via Whisk: A Food Blog]

Melissa Clark concocts a heavenly-sounding chamomile syrup to liven up gin-based cocktails or mint tea. [via NYT]

A new trend (at least to me): ice cubes infused with spices, herbs, and fruit. Doesn't that sound refreshing? [via Gourmet]

Also from Gourmet, creative non-alchoholic drinks can be found in Paris, of all places. How about a frosty glass filled with muddled raspberries and strawberries, fresh grapefruit juice, lemon, and soda? I could go for one right about now, actually. [via Gourmet]

A cocktail it isn't, but cold-brewed iced coffee is an equally important thing that helps me get through the summer. The Kitchn has a primer on how to make it. I suggest using a French press for this, if you have one. [via The Kitchn]


Casey@Good Food Stories said...

LOVING the cold-brewed coffee this summer! I just dump a half pound of coffee into a bowl, slowly mix in 5 cups of water, cover, and allow to steep overnight. It's so easy to make in bulk!

Lisa said...

It really is. I love rolling out of bed on a Saturday for a glass of ready-to-go ice cold coffee.

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

Thanks for listing my caipirinha! Love the chamomile syrup idea for gin!

Lisa said...

You're welcome, Shari! I really like your blog.

Daniel said...

If I were a cocktail kind of guy, I'd drink mine out of an hourglass in honor of Christina Hendricks.


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