Friday, July 31, 2009


It's that time of year again. Full-on summer has arrived and it is officially too hot to turn on the oven. Maybe you folks with central air-conditioning don't feel my pain (oh, how I envy you) but we are stuck with two dinky fans in a top-floor brownstone. So from now until, oh, late October, the oven will only be making cameo appearances on this site. I may make an all-popsicle dinner at some point, just you wait.

For those of you in the same boat (or not), here's some ideas to help you eat well and stay cool this summer:

Bon Appetit's week of no-cook dinners: tomato-bell pepper soup, ceviche tacos, lettuce wraps with smoked trout [via BA]

Back on another 101 kick, Mark Bittman concocts 101 recipes for simple salads. And most are oven-free! [via NYT]

Shelterrific has a round-up of oven-free dishes: toaster oven tomatoes, watermelon popsicles, curried pasta salad [via Shelterrific]

I'm not sure how I feel about dessert soups, but Chef Michael Laiskonis makes a delicious-sounding case for them over at Gourmet [via Gourmet]

Drool-worthy coconut-macadamia ice cream [via Evil Chef Mom]

Simple, good, and stove-free: strawberries topped with sour cream and cinnamon [via Lottie & Doof]

And the Kitchn has tips on keeping your kitchen cool: use a crockpot or toaster oven, drink cold beer, grill outside, cook in your underwear(!) [via the Kitchn]


Casey said...

Did you see that Saveur recommends broiling hamburgers in your toaster oven if you don't have a grill? I don't know if I can fully get behind that.

Lisa said...

Ew, me either. That seems kind of gross to me. I'm not sure why--wouldn't the meat cook without really browning?

Daniel said...

Not as gross as putting burger patties in a regular pop-up toaster. I'm surprised some enterprising frozen food company hasn't come up with that yet.

Vanessa said...

My friend Jill once brought a big pallet of strawberries, a big trough of brown sugar, and a vat of sour cream to a party. You dipped the strawbs in the cream, and then in the sugar, and then you ate them. And it was GOOOOD!

I'm psycho and feeling kind of down about cold summer California nights. T tells me outdoor evening eating and drinking can't happen until autumn, which seems like a bummer. California is so LAZY! Three hours behind, three months behind, etc. I broiled that tomatoes with hazelnut breadcrumbs thing from the new Gourmet tonight (I know you won't want to make it anytime soon but it was delicious over microwaved, cotija-spiked polenta) with everyone in the kitchen and no one even broke a sweat.

Speaking of cooking in the nude, my word verification is "unwear."

Lisa said...

Mmm...that tomato recipe sounds so good!

Also, you are psycho--cold nights are wonderful! Especially in August. Jeez.


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