Friday, June 19, 2009


What do you bring when you go to someone's house for dinner? A bottle of wine? Some flowers? Yourself?

Unless someone wants me to bring something specific, I usually go the wine or flowers route. It's not that creative, but I really love getting either thing when people come over, so I tend to do the same. And because I like any reason to buy flowers.

If you want to branch out a bit in the gifting department, here are a few ideas for hostess/host gifts:

The NYT's Moment blog has some good gift ideas: sparkling wine, good bread, pretty Mast Brothers chocolate, or a giant jar of nutella. [via the NYT]

Bon Appetit's shopping guide is a reliable source for cool gifts. I am coveting the wooden ice bucket in this month's issue. [via BA]

If you're going the fancy tea route, Mariage Frères tea can't be beat. My mother-in-law gave us some after a trip to Paris and it is so fragrant and delicious. [via The Kitchn]

If you do play it safe and bring wine, The Kitchn also has some advice on choosing good, cheap labels from the big brands. [via The Kitchn]

The next time I make something edible, I am going with The Single Gal's homemade herb crackers or Smitten Kitchen's cheese straws. Who wouldn't want those? [via TSG, Smitten Kitchen]

What do you like to give? And get?


The Single Gal said...

Thank you for the lovely mention:)
I adore the idea of taking a giant jar of Nutella - so cute!
xo, TSG

judy said...

So glad you liked the tea. If you're good, maybe you'll get an ice bucket for Christmas.

I saw Steve Asprinio, in Publix yesterday, big tie and all, trying to select wine. A celebrity sighting is very rare on Southern Blvd. He spent a long time studying the shelves He should read the wine guide link.

Lisa said...

TSG: Thanks for the recipe!

Judy: WHAT! That is awesome. I wonder what he's doing these days? Maybe throwing his own dinner parties?

Daniel said...

I can just see Steven staring dolefully at the shelves with his Weimeraner eyes.


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