Friday, February 6, 2009


Happy Friday!

I've got friends coming over tomorrow night for dinner and still no menu. And somehow I'm more annoyed about this than inspired.

Should I make arroz con pollo? I've never tried making it before but always love ordering it in restaurants. Mmm...and plantains and yuca chips... [via Smitten Kitchen]

Or maybe chicken enchiladas? It would give me a good excuse to break out the guacamole... [via BA]

Or shrimp and grits? [via Serious Eats]

Or maybe a risotto? Jamie Oliver makes one with roasted garlic, thyme, toasted almonds and breadcrumbs [via Food Network]


You know what my cooking block actually is?


I want to shop at the farmer's market again. The thought of eating a good tomato makes me want to weep.

I want to drink something fruity on a sunny patio somewhere.

Or have a picnic in Prospect Park.

Or barbecue on the beach, wearing cutoffs and no shoes.! Remember flowers? On bushes? Growing outside?

At least I have my Flickr to transport me to happier, warmer times. But, man, it's just not the same.


Daniel said...

How about peanut butter and cabbage sandwiches?

Anonymous said...

I too am drooling over pictures of beaches and flowers and bright, fresh produce. I'm SO ready to say goodbye to squash and kale and grainy tomatoes.

Lisa said...

Daniel: That looks horrible. And how do you even bite into it without cabbage flying everywhere?

Julie: Me too! Down with kale!

Anonymous said...

I made that arroz con pollo for a party and had several people asking for the recipe. It's soooooo good!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the tip, Sare!

Jennifer Henry said...

Lisa, can you please inspire me with a recipe for chocolate and chicken together? Ever since I saw Holly Golighly attempt to cook it, I've been fascinated to taste this combo...

Lisa said...

Hi Jennifer! I couldn't remember exactly what she made (honestly, I am one of the few people who hated this movie) but I Googled it and found "Chicken and Saffron Rice with Chocolate Sauce." If I remember correctly, the dish was kind of disaster, right?

In any case, I don't think chocolate and saffron make a good combo outside of a Vosges candy bar. But have you ever considered mole? I've never made it because it seems a bit time-consuming, but maybe that will sate your curiosity. Some links:

Chocolate mole

Chocolate chicken mole


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