Monday, February 16, 2009


Hi, there. Let's kick off the week with some links, shall we?

A subject near and dear to me: how to throw a dinner party in a tiny kitchen [via Domino, RIP.]

Non-toxic ways to remove red wine stains if tispy guests make a mess on your sofa. (Not my super classy friends, but you never know...) [via Re-Nest]

Party-worthy chocolate-banana cupcakes [via Shelterrific]

Not food-related, but we do talk flowers around here, and I am LOVING Design*Sponge's new floral design column Weeder's Digest. Sarah, the author, runs Brooklyn-based floral design shop Saipua and in addition to being able to make gorgeous arrangements, she's totally hilarious too.


Anonymous said...

It was sad to see the ocean of
unpurchased Valentine bouqets
at Publix yesterday...
50% for sale.
Maybe chocolate was the recession choice?

Lisa said...

Seeing all those flowers gone to waste always makes me feel sad.
At least chocolate has a little more shelf-life!

All the little bodegas in our neighborhood had buckets of red roses out over the weekend. Quite a few people were buying, though.

I am all for branches now. My cherry blossom is covered in new flowers and leaves a week later!

Daniel said...

You just have to be careful when giving your loved one a branch not to poke their eye out. Not for the mishap-prone!


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