Wednesday, July 2, 2008

meet Paloma

My friend Mike introduced me to my new best friend, Paloma. She's from Mexico. Sparkling and slightly sweet, she's the life of any party. And unlike her boozy cousin Margarita, Paloma knows how to handle her liquor like a lady. In fact, I'm planning on spending a lot of time with her all summer long.

The Paloma
(Serves 1)
In a glass, combine: 1 shot of tequila, the juice of 1 lime, and a pinch of salt. Stir, and top off with grapefruit soda (Mike uses Jarritos grapefruit, but Squirt or Fresca would work), then add a lime slice and ice.


Vanessa said...

Mmm, Paloma sounds scintillating! Maybe I will invite her over this weekend.

Daniel said...

To those of you who were offended by the very idea of a post on nonalcoholic beverages (Colin, I'm looking into your bloodshot eyes), here's to you. Cheers.

amy said...

Sounds great. The only soda my dad drinks is Fresca, and he's always looking for a good cocktail. Think it would work with the peach or black cherry version - or would they be too un-grapefruitish? He wasn't crazy about them, so they got sent home with lucky me.

Lisa said...

Hi Amy--I think this would be great with another type of soda. It wouldn't be a Paloma, but it would probably be delicious. Lisa


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