Monday, July 21, 2008


Summer appetizers from Ms. Martha [via Martha Stewart]

Plums aren't my favorite fruit, but this plum caipirinha looks highly delicious. [via The Kitchn]

Good grilling idea: Mark Bittman uses rosemary as fragrant skewers for kebabs. [via the NYT]

Ice cream recipes (and gorgeous photos) from Gourmet that make me simultaneously happy and sad that we don't have an ice cream maker. [via Gourmet]

And an unrelated dose of cuteness: Turtle Attacks Strawberry [via Serious Eats]


Daniel said...

That turtle is cute.

But is it as cute as Knut?

Lisa said...

Wow. That's my new favorite site.

Unknown said...

I can't believe you don't have an ice cream maker! Only $50 and then you can make the Gourmet recipes AND the amazing Jeni Britton ones from Food & Wine a few months ago.


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