Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a note fromm mabel

Mabel heer.

Mommee told me wot a creest-mas is, so i wont to weesh you a mery creest-mas with manee bones and kookies and tumy skreetches and leezards and al the theengs you wont. And laying on the bak of the cowch as much as you wont. And if you dont have a creest-mas at your hous, I hope you get manee treets aneway.

Hapy new yeare!



Julie said...

Merry Christmas to sweet Mabel! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Lisa said...

You too, Julie! (Mabel says "theenk yu")

Casey@Good. Food. Stories. said...

Maree creestmas, Mabel! I lovez yu.

Mike said...

Woof, Mabel. Woof.

Anonymous said...

Happiness is a warm cowch!

Daniel said...

Nothing like gathering around the dinner table and digging in to the Christmas leezard.

Buster said...

Merry Christmas Mabel! Did they tell you about Santee and how he comes sneaking in through your fireplace?
Here's a tip from your Uncle Buster. If Santee wakes you give him lots of licks. He's the one with the bones an treats. (Maybe you'll be able to smell them).

Lisa said...

I am loving all of the holiday wishes for Mabel!

Daniel said...

Buster's spelling is impeccable!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mabel, did Daddy forget to mention the SQORELS in the attic??

Buster said...

Thanks for complimenting my spelling bro. I wasn't sure about Santee but I guess I nailed it.

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