Thursday, December 1, 2011

a note fromm mabel

Mabel heer.

Peepel hav askt me to rite agen so I wil tel you my doings. So Mommee and Daddee put me in a smoll bag, very ruff-like, and we went in a noysee thing to a werm gud-smelling place calt floreda for theenks-geeving.

I stil dont know wat a theenks-geeving is, but manee peepel wer ther. I jomped on them to say hello and sneefed the fud but did not eet any becuz I am gud now. Mommee and Daddee made me go to skool--we lernt about beeing gud. I get manee treets so I dont mind. I dont try to bite peepel, ownlee small dogs and burds and sqorels. And sumtimes peepel hoo make suden mooves.

I will tell you wot is reelee xciting, tho: Leezrds!

Leezrds ar like the sqorels of the grownd. O, I hate sqorels. They hav beedee eyes and meen faces. They run up trees like "We are beter than you. You cant clime trees. So ther." I hate them. But I think leezrds would taste gud (they smell gud) so I try veree hard to catch them. But they are too fasst.

I nevr saw so many leezrds befor! (I nevr saw won leezrd befor!) I want to leeve in floreda and sit in the gras and eet leezrds and lay on the werm grownd. Also I got to be on the bed in floreda but not at home.
At theenks-geeving, after I jomped on all the peeple, Daddee put me in my crate and then they left. I culd heer them eeting and tawking in the hows for a long time. I wundered if they were eeting leezrds. Mabee that is what a theenks-geeving is. But why wuldnt they let me com eet too?
Anyway, no one tawlks about it nowe. They onlee tawlk about a creest-mas. Peepel are olways up to sumthing.



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