Friday, September 24, 2010


Sticking to this week's theme of weeknight dinners, here's some more ideas for fast and tasty things you can cook post-work.

Soba noodles with salmon and watercress [via Pink of Perfection]
Very tasty (we had this last week) skirt steak salad with blue cheese [via Smitten Kitchen]

Grilled eggplant parmesan [via Pithy & Cleaver]

Everyday Food offers tons of weekly menus with shopping lists, including this one with recipes for honey-glazed chicken, salmon nicoise, and zucchini frittata [via Everyday Food]

Bon Appetit
's "quick recipes for October" (or right now) including swordfish with olive, pine nut, and parsley relish and beef, shiitake, and snow pea stir fry [via Bon Appetit]

Food & Wine offers "healthy, fast weeknight dinners" such as bacon quinoa with almonds and herbs and green goddess chicken salad [via Food & Wine]

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Julie said...

I loved that F&W quinoa recipe! Made it last week for a quick dinner.


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