Friday, August 20, 2010


We've got about one month of summer left this year. Crazy, I know. Time to squeeze in all those picnics you've been planning to have since April. Here are some ideas for outdoor-friendly fare.

Triple beef cheeseburgers (brisket, short ribs, and skirt steak) with spiced ketchup and red vinegar pickles [via Bon Appetit
10 ideas for veggie burgers [via Cooking Light]
Tuna and vegan pan bagnat [via Pink of Perfection]
Summer squash couscous with sultanas, pistachios, and mint [via Food52]
Broiled eggplant with tomatoes and feta [via Goldilocks Finds Manhattan]
13 takes on potato salad [via Food + Wine]

Cherry-almond yogurt cake [via The Kitchen Sink Recipes]
One bowl everyday chocolate cake [via Smitten Kitchen]


Gabi said...

I have to say, the idea of triple beef burgers scares me a tad. But it can't be worse than the random animal bits many restaurants sneak into their dishes. Ah, the joys of eating at home.

I'm definitely going to check out those dessert though. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Ha! I had the same reaction, actually. But when you think about it, I guess it's not that weird. Kind of like a meatloaf?

Unknown said...

The veggie burgers look pretty good, but that triple burger is intense. If I was a meat eater, I'd do it just to say I did.

Lisa said...

Yeah, it seems like some sort of challenge, doesn't it? :)


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