Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm in charge of dessert for dinner at a friend's house tonight, so I've got sweets on the brain. Here are a few dinner party-worthy desserts from around the web that have caught my eye. (And a flower photo, just because.) Happy weekend!

Poppy seed cake (and other portable desserts) [via Food & Wine]

Lime-yogurt cake with blackberry sauce
[via Smitten Kitchen]

kewell tart with raspberry preserves. It's like a cake crossed with a pie. [via Bon Appetit]
Brown sugar ice cream [via The Kitchen Sink Recipes]
Blood orange chocolate chunk muffins
(!) [via White on Rice Couple]
15 berry desserts (strawberry and hazelnut meringue cake, raspberry betty) [via Saveur]


Janet said...

I like to bring crepes with carmelized apples. You can make the crepes earlier in the day or the day before and make the carmelized apples a couple hours ahead and reheat before plating. So good!

Lisa said...

Nice idea!

Daniel said...

Are these the evil flowers that are ravaging my eyes and sinuses with their killer pollen?


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