Friday, March 26, 2010

link-o-rama: passover & easter edition

Looking for Passover and Easter menu ideas? Here are some links for inspiration:


The New York Times has an archive of Passover recipes, including an unconventional Mexican menu [via NYT]

10 modernized seder dinners from Bon Appetit [via BA]

A yummy-looking matzo brei [via Saveur]

He may be known for pork, but Michael Symon's passover menu sounds pretty great [via Food Network]

Passover dessert recipes (honey-nut cake, caramel-matzo crunch) [via Epicurious]


Cute and springy Easter table-setting ideas [via Epicurious]

20 lamb recipes for your Easter table from Food & Wine [via F&W]

And how to carve a leg of lamb [via BA]

"No-fail" Easter entrees [via Food Network]

And a spicy carrot cake for dessert [via Saveur]

Or some egg-shaped lemon cream puffs? [via BA]


Daniel said...

Mexican passover? Oy caramba!

Larry said...

Perfect venue for the fabled urban sombrero. Along with the traditional readings and liturgy, I would toss in jazz great Don Byron's Klezmer classic Pesach in Portugal.

Lisa said...

You guys are funny.

Vanessa said...

I have made that matzo crunch. It is the world's most delicious food.

Tender Branson said...

Spicy carrot cake...I get it and I'm in. Thanks for the line.


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