Friday, March 19, 2010

dinner party on tasting table

I was super excited to see this little ol' site listed in Tasting Table's recent e-newsletter about dinner party planning. How flattering!

The rest of the links are pretty interesting and I encourage you to take a look. There are resources for all the dinner party bases from digital invites to getting organized to choosing a playlist. And if you don't already subscribe to Tasting Table, it's worth a look. It is similar to Daily Candy, but about food, and covers websites, restaurants, trends, and other related stuff.

Happy weekend! I hope it's spring where you are.


Unknown said...

Horray for you! It's so exciting that you got featured.

Have a good weekend :)

Judy said...

Very impressive.

Mindi said...

YAY!! I can't wait untit May when we get to have dinner together again! (and breakfast, and lunch, and cocktails, too!)

Lisa said...

Nikkilooch: Thank you! You too.

Mindi: Cocktails! I am counting the days. Can't wait.

Unknown said...


Anne said...

That's great, Lisa - congrats!

Daniel said...

Has anyone tried selecting a Rhapsody playlist by cuisine? What happens when you say you're serving Chinese?

And for anyone considering spending $50 to have Audiostiles craft a soundtrack to your specifications, I will do it for $49.95.


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