Monday, November 23, 2009


As promised, here is a round-up of Thanksgiving dessert ideas for those of you still figuring out what to make for the big day. I had fun making this list. There are just so many delicious-sounding recipes out there, and so many nontraditional options, which can be fun. Although, for me, Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without some sort of pumpkin dessert.

I've got to get my holiday ducks in a row, so I'm signing off until next week, when you'll get a full report of how our dinner turned out. I will conquer this holiday! And so will you--have a wonderful one!

Until then,

Pumpkin desserts
Four-layer pumpkin cake with orange cream cheese frosting (and other desserts) [via Bon Appetit]

Silky smooth pumpkin pie
[via Smitten Kitchen]

Deconstructed pumpkin pie [via Saveur]

Bourbon pumpkin cheesecake
[via Smitten Kitchen]

Pumpkin custard [via Dinner Party Recipes]

Spiced pumpkin mousse trifle
[via Saveur]

Pumpkin ice cream [via David Lebovitz]

Pies and tarts
Tarte tatin [via Pink of Perfection]

Apple-pecan tart [via The Kitchen Sink Recipes]

Butterscotch-pecan pie
[via Bella Eats]

Frozen maple mousse pie
[via NYT]

Sweet potato pie [via Dinner Party Recipes]

Even more desserts!
Chocolate desserts (espresso semifreddo, chocolate lava cakes, homemade Yodels!) [via Food & Wine]

And fruit desserts (honeyed fig crostini, vanilla-orange flan, cherry compote with marscarpone) [via Food & Wine]

Apple-cherry crisp
[via Dinner Party Recipes]

Gingerbread with lemon icing [via Dinner Party Recipes]


Unknown said...

I don't think it's worth the bother to put only
1 tablespoon of bourbon in anything.
Right, Colin? (re: pumpkin bourbon cheesecake)

Lisa said...

Donna: Dear Mom, I know all about your fondness for bourbon. You go to town on that cheesecake--heck, you could serve shots of bourbon with each slice. However, Colin's drink of choice is gin. Love, your daughter

Daniel said...

Ha! Colin, your reputation precedes you!

Colin P. Delaney said...

Know what's good with a tablespoon of bourbon? A glass of bourbon. Donna, we should start our own blog:

Unknown said...

Great Idea, Colin! I've never tried gin but you will be the first to know if I like it....and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you gin loving/bourbon drinking/tea toters who make this blog so much fun!
Happy Birthday, dear Lisa...
happy birthday to you.


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