Friday, November 20, 2009


Thanks to your help and encouragement, I am no longer freaking out about next Thursday. It's just Thursday! Just a little ol' weeknight dinner! Kidding, sort of.

I finally have a menu in place, which has made me feel a lot less stressed out. I think the sheer number of variations on the classic Thanksgiving dinner was what was making me feel overwhelmed. There's thousands of ways to make stuffing and pumpkin pie, how do you choose just one?

For those of you still figuring out a game plan, here is a bonanza of turkey, stuffing, and side dish options. Dessert ideas are coming up on Monday!

21 takes on the turkey (salted roast turkey with chipotle glaze and caramelized-onion gravy, sage-butter roasted turkey with cider gravy, lemon-herb turkey with lemon-garlic gravy) from Bon Appetit [via BA]

A roundup of turkey recipes from grilled, to roasted, to deep-fried [via Saveur]

The "world's simplest Thanksgiving turkey" [via Food Network]

Tips on preparing a turkey from Global Gourmet (interestingly, they are anti-truss) [via Global Gourmet]

And a helpful video with tips on carving a turkey without an electric carver [via Epicurious]

Stuffing recipes without bread, including barley with mushrooms, hazelnuts, and brown butter [via NYT]

Stuffings galore over at Saveur, including roasted chestnut and sausage, oyster, and pecan-cranberry [via Saveur]

Cornbread stuffing with sage already baked into it. Genius! [via Pithy & Cleaver]

Something I am very excited about making this year: stuffins! [via NYT]

If you need visuals, Bon Appetit has a stuffing slideshow with 21 recipes [via BA]

Side dishes
A Swiss chard and sweet potato gratin that could double as a turkey-less main course [via Smitten Kitchen]

Classic sides (green bean casserole, potato gratin, creamed corn) [via Food Network]

Inventive takes on Thanksgiving vegetables (grill-roasted vegetables with pine nut pesto, roasted carrot and cumin puree, roasted brussels sprouts with cranberry brown butter) [via F&W]

Instead of mashed potatoes, pommes de terre boulangère, pan-fried with onions [via Wednesday Chef]

Something that will make an appearance on our Thanksgiving table: roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and lemon [via Dinner Party Recipes]

My favorite cranberry relish, by Jasper White [via Dinner Party Recipes]

And my favorite cranberry Jell-O salad, by my Nanny [via Dinner Party Recipes]


Anonymous said...

Stuffins--an idea whose time has come!

Daniel said...

I'm excited for stuffins, too. But if it catches on, can't you just see the unholy alliance between Uncle Ben and the Pillsbury Doughboy?

By the way, my word verification is "colin." Is the program requesting a comment from Mr. Delaney?


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