Friday, October 23, 2009


Fall fruits and vegetables are on my mind right now. Maybe it's all those enticing displays of pumpkins and apples at the grocery store and farmers' market? Here are a few ways to cook with autumn's bounty.

12 inventive fall salads: celery, pear and hazelnut; warm fennel and bitter greens; kale and squash with pickled peppers and shaved cheese [via Food & Wine]

Ways to cook with apples (fall Waldorf salad, spicy apple chutney) if you're sick of making applesauce [via Good. Food. Stories.]

Creamy-looking acorn squash soup with brown butter and maple yogurt [via Serious Eats]

Quince: what it is, and what to do with it, over at The Kitchn [via The Kitchn]

Pear butter to slather on toast in the morning [via Simply Recipes]

And for dessert, pumpkin doughnuts! [via Bon Appetit]

[Photo: Donna Cericola. Thanks, Mom!]


Unknown said...

Thanks for using the photo!
It caught me by surprise.
Oh, for a Delicious Orchard apple cider donut....mmmmmm.

Unknown said...

Love the pumpkin picture you used at the top of the page.

Lisa said...

Donna: I could go for one of those donuts right now too...

Tender Branson: Thanks! My mom took it.

Daniel said...

We definitely haven't been eating enough donuts lately.

On a different note, I've come to especially appreciate the "You Might Also Like..." feature on Link-o-Rama Fridays because it gives me another chance to look at KC's somber mug.

Anonymous said...

I forgot: Your pepper jelly was a big hit--you can always send more our way.


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