Friday, October 9, 2009


Looking for cozy fall dinner ideas? Here are some links for inspiration.

Food & Wine has 20 recipes for warming soups (corn and cod chowder, gingered butternut squash soup with spicy pecan cream, tangy tomato soup with tarragon croutons). [via F&W]

Sarah of Pink of Perfection makes a hearty beef goulash with egg noodles. [via POP]

Three tasty-sounding fall recipes from Melissa Clark: tomato eclairs with creamy ricotta and basil filling, fig tart with caramelized onions, rosemary and stilton, and ratatouille and sausage potpie with cornmeal biscuits. [via The NYT]

Smitten Kitchen has a Lebanese-style stuffed eggplant with lamb (I bet you could make this vegetarian, too). [via Smitten Kitchen]

And for dessert, spiced applesauce cake with cream cheese frosting. [via Gourmet, R.I.P.]

Or apple-cheddar turnovers? [via Bon Appetit]


Anonymous said...

How did your pie crust turn out??

Daniel said...

I can attest it came out great! I'm sure a full post will be coming soon!

Lisa said...

yes, next week!

Unknown said...

Great links...I love fall food.

Anonymous said...

Quantity and quality squeezed out of that tiny kitchen is no small feat! I bow to your many skills, Grasshopper.


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