Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hi all,

Ready for turkey day? No? Maybe these links will help whet your appetite:

For the budget-minded (and who isn't these days?), the ever-impressive Jacques Pepin makes a five-course dinner for six people--for under $24. What's on the menu? Short ribs with mushrooms, cabbage slaw with mustard dressing, sweet and sour glazed squash, sauteed cabbage with kielbasa, and baked apples for dessert. [via the Washington Post]
A dinner party-worthy fall side dish: Spaghetti squash with ricotta, sage, and pine nuts. [via Serious Eats]

Melissa Clark reinvents the Thanksgiving breadbasket. Her corn and black pepper crackers sound like a major step up from Pillsbury twisty breadsticks. [via the NYT]

20 Thanksgiving menus
from Bon Appetit. [via BA]


Vanessa said...

Last year my friend made the cranberry-mascarpone tart from the "italian inspired" menu, and it was the most amazing thing I'd ever eaten. It doesn't even sound that great but it's magic.

Lisa said...

Yum. I'm thinking of doing some sort of cranberry dessert for Thanksgiving myself...

Daniel said...

Want to see if we can do Thanksgiving for under $24? The pilgrims did it!


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