Monday, August 4, 2008


Happy Monday, everyone. Here's a few links to tide you through the workday.

Last week, the Times had a cute story about people who throw dinner parties in public places, like on the Brooklyn Bridge. Made me think about places I'd like to have everyone over for dinner. Perhaps on the banks of the Gowanus? Eh, maybe not. [via the NYT]

I can't decide whether these all-natural servingware ideas are cute or overly fussy. Either way, they cut down on dirty dishes. [via The Kitchn]

Tasty-sounding (and beautiful) napa cabbage salad with buttermilk dressing. [via Smitten Kitchen]

And on the required unrelated note, heeeere's Cheesus. People are stupid. [via Serious Eats]


Daniel said...

That would be a great challenge for Top Chef NY: Make a four-course tasting menu using seasonal ingredients that can survive exposure to the Gowanus.

"The hipster kayakers enjoyed your septic oysters, but the crackheads skipped your dessert course and instead made a shantytown out of the Glad family of products."

Too bad the Whole Foods didn't open in time.

Lisa said...

Ha! Shantytown of Glad products.

Cold Cuts said...

Don't forget that actual crabs live in the Canal. I've seen 'em scuttling around in the muck! Um, but really, a public dinner party on the deck of the Staten Island ferry would be pretty fun. Entree on the way there, dessert on the way back.


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