Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a note fromm mabel

Mabel heer.

Woh. Anunthr day, anuthr partee.

Evr sence we muved into the noo hous ther hav ben so manee partees. As the peeple lik to sey, Mabel is al parteed out.

It taks alot to be a good hostee. Wen I heer the buzz sownd thet meens peepl are heer I run to the dor to tel them with lowd barks to say Im heere, up Here. Becus maybee they dont kno wher to go.

And then yu hav to greet the gests the rite way: with manee kises, mostlee on the fase. So yu hav to jomp hi or wate until they sit down, whech meens "com kis my fase pleas." If they poosh yu away it means yu need to geeve moar kises, and hardr, with teth. Keep tri-ing. Puting yur feet on them and seetting on them says I am yur frend.

Then yu hav to sho them yoar babees and toys. Mammee and Dadde giv me my favorit tenis bal when peeple com ovr so I hav to make sur everyon sees it, real gud up clos, in their fase-like. They rely lik that.

Yu hav to mak conversashun, as peepl sey, so I listn and say Arrrroooo when the gests are toking. Peepl tolk so much. And eet so much. But they do not shar with Mabel. I shar my toys and giv kises and still they do not shar their fud. It is only pole-eyet.

Also they do not breng presents for Mabels, only botles and chese that smels gud but no one wil shar. Peepl, yu ned sum maners. I try to be a gud exampl but peepl theenk they kno besst. Harumph.


Casey@Good. Food. Stories. said...

Oh geez. I did not bring a present for Mabel! Next time, I promise.

Anonymous said...

joie de vivre = Mabel

Daniel said...

Glad you got the message Casey: when you come to my sweet angel's house, you best come correct.


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