Monday, May 14, 2012

a note fromm mabel

Mabel heere.

A teep frum me too yu. Wen yur mammee and daddee hav peeple ovr and yu dont wont to hav a partee (be-cus they dont ask yu) fynd a gud plas to hyde lik thee londree bas-kut. No won wil no! And thee kloths smel gud, a boneus.


ps: Mammee ses I hav an arkive now, whutevr that is.


Buster said...

I heard you sent your Mommy a Mother's Day card. Mabel, you're making me look bad!

Anonymous said...

I like those leg warmers, Mabel!
--from Tilly, Thundershirt spokesdog

Daniel said...

I sometimes feel like hiding in the laundry basket, too, Mabel. Maybe there's room for both of us.


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