Saturday, August 13, 2011

peanut butter pies

I was planning to write about more no-cook recipes today, but I keep thinking about Jennifer Perillo.

If you read food blogs, you probably read about Jennie and the sudden death of her husband, Mikey. He passed away suddenly this week at just 51 years old. It's the kind of news that sucks the air straight out of your body.

Many lovely tributes were posted last week, all trying to express that sad realization that life is too short. Although we may think we have things totally under control, we really have no idea what may happen next.
I don't know Jennifer personally, but like many people, I really like her blog. Like me, she's a food editor living in Brooklyn, so it's hard not to feel a personal connection. And her graceful response to what must be the most horrible time in her life speaks volumes about what kind of person she is. When friends, fellow bloggers and other concerned people asked what they could do, she told them to bake Mikey's favorite peanut butter pie. It was something she was planning to do but didn't, thinking she surely could just make it for him tomorrow.

The outpouring of peanut butter pies has been amazing. Each pie is a little different, but each one is a reminder that we have to appreciate the people in our lives now, while we still can. Whether you bake a pie, or gather friends and family together for a meal, or just take the time to tell people you love them, it's a reminder that all of us need sometimes.

[Photo: via Tastespotting]


Unknown said...

Wow...what an awesome show of support.

Julie said...

That collection of images is just amazing. There are so many sweet, supportive aspects to blogging.

Daniel said...

It's kind of surprising how poignant a photo spread of pies can be.


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