Wednesday, July 21, 2010

baked & bottled

This blog is about cooking for people, but even I don't always make every little thing from scratch when I entertain. Sometimes you don't have the time, or need a little help. And today I'd like to give a friendly plug to a new business by my friend (and fellow food blogger) Casey

Casey is the type of cook who really does take pride in making everything herself, and through Baked & Bottled, she and her partner Natalie are now making delicious things for other people's gatherings.

Items include freezable appetizers (Asian dumplings, gougeres, hand-rolled meatballs), condiments and dips (ranch dressing, roasted red pepper-feta dip), fresh pasta and sauces (pesto, marinara), bread (pretzel rolls, scones, ciabatta), and desserts (lemon-olive oil tart, chocolate chip cookies, custom cakes). Seasonal specials like ricotta will be available as well. Everything is affordable and homemade. Some dishes are family recipes, and others are dishes they have made so often they have become standbys.

Even better, they will deliver their goods right to your door if you live in New York City or northern New Jersey. If you need a little dinner party help, or want to send someone a special edible gift, or are in need of a last-minute dish to bring to a potluck, they've got you covered.  


Anonymous said...

That pie looks inviting....nice post and good luck to the new business gals!

Unknown said...

A delivery service, nice touch. Hope the business flourishes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, you're the sunshine!

Daniel said...

I'll take an order of dumplings and chocolate chip cookies for lunch, please.

Robin - Twentysomething Test Dummies said...

This is a great idea, and I love the beautifully designed packaging too!


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