Friday, May 7, 2010


Happy Friday! Who's up for a cold one? Here are some ideas from around the web for warm-weather drinking this weekend, or maybe for a special mom in your life?

The Tennessee
(whiskey, maraschino liquor, lemon juice) [via Eat Make Read]
All things Julep: celery juleps, refrigerator juleps, and classic mint juleps [via The Bitten Word]

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: an absinthe-basil-strawberry concoction [via Good. Food. Stories]
Colorful fresh fruit spritzers [via The Dabble]

And from the Dinner Party archives:


Casey@Good. Food. Stories. said...

Beautiful oilcloth on that table! Is it yours? (and thanks for the shout-out - I have been meaning to make that absinthe drink, but have been waiting for strawberries. Looks like it's finally the season.)

Mike said...

I'm about to break out the Polomas for the summer, but lately I've been enjoying the hell out of this twist on The Colonial:

Juice from half a grapefruit, red or yellow.
Juice from half a lime.
About a half tablespoon of honey or honey syrup (this is more to taste, so you can experiment with amount and with other sweet things).
6 or 8 dashes of bitters. Angostura is probably best.
A shot of gin.
Shake that baby up and you've got yourself something delicious AND healthy! There's like your whole day's vitamin C in there.

Lisa said...

Casey: I wish it was my tablecloth. This photo was shot at Ft. Defiance in Red Hook.

Mike: This sounds soo refreshing and I know I could make one, but could you and Jo come over so you can make it for me?? I will make snacks.

Nathan Hall said...

Wow, as a celery soda fan, that celery julep sounds amazing.

Lisa said...

Nathan: Intriguing, right? I can see the celery syrup pairing really well with gin too.

Mike said...

Okay! Let's set it up! xo

Daniel said...

Juleps with celery soda? I bet you could get a good one at Century Village. How about a Black Cherry-tini?

Nathan Hall said...

Hah, Dan you're just sad because you can't get down with the socks and sandals crew.

Lisa said...

Nathan: Oh, he is!


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