Friday, January 22, 2010


Ooh, it's cold. I just want to wrap my electric blanket around me and wear it like a coat. The next best thing to that would be a steaming bowl of something delicious. Here are a few cold-weather dishes for dinner parties or cozy dinners at home.

Rich and creamy cauliflower and potato gratin [via Wednesday Chef]

Rustic chicken breasts braised with hard cider and parsnips [via Bella Eats]

A round-up of easy casseroles (baked spaghetti, chicken Divan, tamale pie) from around the web [via Saveur]

Healthy yet hearty leek, mushroom, and barley stew [via Pink of Perfection]

And for the meat-eaters, Texas-style beef brisket chili [via Bon Appetit]

Nothing warms you up faster than a cocktail. Here are a few beauties from around the web:

So pretty I want to bathe in it: the New York in Love cocktail [via Eat Make Read]

10 warming drinks (the Peppermint Paddy, Alpine coffee, apple-brandy hot toddies ) [via Food + Wine]

The classic Old-Fashioned [via NYT]


Undomesticated Me said...

Yum! These are all good ideas. Think of them would be right for my first-ever dinner party? What's the best way to contact you since I need your help! Thanks, Paula

Lisa said...

Hmm...let's discuss this. My email is to the right under "About this Site."

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Mmm the first one sounds delicious!

Daniel said...

I think Colin could go for a steaming bowl of Old Fashioned.


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